Screeeeech! Tink! Boooom!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

As you may have noticed in our last video, we have finally gotten some sound effects for Zero Gear. This is all due to our partnership with Kaamos Sound, which is run by Tapio Liukkonen, a friendly and frosty fellow who lives down the street from Santa Claus in North Finland near the arctic circle.

Tapio found our game online and was very excited to help, we are excited to be working with him because he is very passionate about his work. Here is a sound sample of some of the work he has done for Zero Gear:

Tapio braves bears, junkyards and go-kart dealerships on a regular basis to find and record the source material he needs to transform into crisp, clear sounds. Here is a picture of him with his giant fuzzy microphone.

You can look forward to some of Tapio's great sounds in Zero Gear!


BCS said...

Guys nice work! One question: How are you creating your tracks and integrating it with Ogre? did you created a track editor or something?

Thank you

David Marsh said...

Right now we are creating the tracks in maya and then exporting them to Ogre's Mesh format. Then we are placing objects in the world via an xml document. We don't have much of an editor yet, but we would like to develop one that would write the xml file for us.

BCS said...

Cool!Thank you! I have similar problems on the game that I am working. Right now we exporting the models to mesh and 3ds. Then we create levels on GTKRadiantand read the map file (not the BSP) on the game. So basically you export a big mesh file with the entire track? How about culling? Ogres handles this well?

David Marsh said...

right now the levels are not complex enough that we don't need to compute any kind if visibility optimization. If that becomes an issue we will probably break the level up into more pieces and load them separately so that they are rendered more efficiently.