Join our Steam Group!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We want Zero Gear to be available on Steam when it is ready to be unleashed on the world. Until that happens, you can show your support and desire to see a game like Zero Gear on Steam by joining our Steam Group! Brian and I are usually in the group chat room as well, so stop by and say hello!


Gorion said...

advertising even more :D I was allready joined the group when you made it though.

Goodluck with everything you guys are doing atm.

Chris Tufnell said...

Awww zappy :( 3am for the closed test.

All over the steam group page :)

Gio/Wiidark said...

Wait.. will it only available through Steam? Will there be an option to buy the game in disc form?

Brian Cronin said...

A disc? Like those round shiny plastic objects they used to put games on? And you had to go out of your house to buy the game?

Come on... This is the future! :)

On a serious note, we don't really know how we are going to release the game yet. We need to finish it first!