race GUI mock-up

Thursday, June 12, 2008

As we are starting to build pieces of the GUI for the much anticipated race mode for our game, I spent some time mocking up a general outline of what it might look like. What do you think? We will use this as a guide to build the real pieces. Click to see the bigger picture.


triton said...

I think the minimap HUD icons are a bit to large. It's awesome!

Chris Tufnell said...

Very nice :D
I agree with Triton, the mini map icons do look a little large. would also be cool if they could show initals or colours which relate to each player.

Brian Cronin said...

We were thinking of rendering out an imagine of each player from above and using this as the icon. Then you would see their kart and hat in the mini map (a really small kart and hat).

Colors for each player would be a good solution if that couldn't be done.

Gio/Wiidark said...

I hope there will be mic support in this game cause I certainly wouldn't want to keep my hands off the steering wheel and end up crashing and losing the racing... but of course with mic support, there's a risk of foul mouthed players conjuring up a foul storm. But than again, players could always report them.

Brian Cronin said...

The chat box is a standard feature. It would be more useful in slower modes like some battle modes.

We would like to have voice chat but are unable to spend the time to do it ourselves. We hear Steamworks has voice chat support... :)