New Video! Fallout gameplay mode and 3 Items!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Thanks for patiently waiting, (well most of you) we have reached another milestone in the development of the game. This video was from an online playtest we held to test out a fresh gameplay mode called "Fallout" (where the object is not to fall out of the level) along with our very first implementations of 3 different items. There are also a few new characters thrown in and some other things we have added along the way. You might also notice another new thing for Zero Gear, sounds! We have been working with a mysterious character from the icy north to provide Zero Gear with sounds. We will reveal all about him in another post soon! Enjoy the video!

Click to play video


adam said...

Hehe, awesome video! I was abused so much in that second-half. xD

Brian Cronin said...

For some reason you are just so punchable.