Global Game Jam result: Coopetiton

Sunday, February 1, 2009

This weekend I (Brian) participated in the Global Game Jam in San Francisco.

It was 35 people spending 48 hours (most of them awake) creating games. It was an amazing event and we all had a blast. All of the games were very impressive.

I plan to write more about the actual event but first I wanted to post the game that my team finished.

The goal of the game is to work with/against another player to collect the most coins. The 2 players are connected by a sort of electric spring. This means that each player has some influence over the movement of the other player.

Collect as many coins in your "wallet" without hitting an obstacle. If you do hit an obstacle, you lose the coins in your wallet. To deposit the coins from your wallet to your bank (the coins are safe in the bank and cannot be lost), go through a hoop that is the same color as your character. Going through the other player's hoop will cause your wallet money to be deposited in their bank. Each coin you pick up actually doubles the amount of money in your wallet. So play it safe and deposit as often as possible or walk on the wild side and try to save up for massive profits!

It is best played with 2 people (1 keyboard or 2 controllers) but can be played alone as well.

Our team had a great time making this game and would love to hear any feedback so please comment after playing!

Some screens:


David Marsh said...

I played a game with eeen, sounds like you guys had a great time at the jam!