SuperProfiler Speed Improvement and Bug Fix

Monday, February 16, 2009

Just a quick update. Here is the change list:

  • Changed from using std::string to using const char * to improve overall speed
  • Changed SuperRoot::PopProfile() and SuperStack::Pop() to accept a name parameter, this helps SuperProfiler to find any mismatches in pushes and pops
  • Added SuperException which is thrown if an unmatched pop is detected (really useful actually)
  • Added SUPER_PROFILE_PUSH and SUPER_PROFILE_POP macros which are useful if you want to access SuperProfile from a scripting langauge that doesn't support RAII (cough, Lua, cough), Still use SUPER_PROFILE whenever you can however
  • Fixed a bug when there was no SUPER_PROFILE in a root parent function call (such as a main function). I would suggest not profiling a main type function, anything that only returns at exit
If you find any issues, please post them to the bug tracker here: