Friday, July 25, 2008

As you have noticed by now, we like to use Vimeo to host our videos. It is an awesome service.

Recently the Vimeo staff have announced that "game videos" will not longer be hosted on the site. Their reasoning is valid, however the announcement was a little vague in regard to people like us. We own the content we are taking video of and we very much feel the content we are recording is creative in nature (and not a recording of gameplay footage from a 360 game).

So what we have done is simply setup a group on Vimeo for game developers. If you are a developer and use Vimeo, you should join this group. Our hope is that the Vimeo admins will see that the content in this group deserves to be hosted by them and maybe it will become a sort of filter.

Here is the link: Game Developers

NOTE: This is for game developers only (indie or otherwise). So if you wish to join, please provide a link in your Vimeo profile, or better yet, a video. Anyone is able to view the videos from this group of course.


Bez said...

I had no idea vimeo were pulling games stuff. And yes it sucks when it's your own things you want to show.

Thanks for filling me in, sir! I have joined your lovely group.

Brian Cronin said...

Thanks for the support!

Chris Tufnell said...

I was also shocked by the Vimeo news. I have to admit i don't agree with there reasoning at all. A lot of skill and effort (not to mention time) goes into creating a "simple" frag video. It's highly creative the gameplay thats shown.

I find it funny that they are shocked that people want to use the site. A better way around this would be to limit the time length for game videos.

I guess the question still stands, What is Art?

Any way good call on creating the group guys. I truely do hope they let nimblebit carry on uploading videos.