The Secret of Zero Gear

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'll tell you a secret, Zero Gear is not a kart racing game.

That might be surprising if you have been reading this blog for a while. All of the images and videos we have released so far make it look like a kart racing game.

If it isn't a kart racing game, what is it? It is many games disguised as a kart racer. Yes, we do have a racing game mode. We also have two other game modes right now, with a few more to come before we release.

Zero Gear is more of a game platform than a game itself. All of the gameplay is actually written in a script. This allows us to quickly prototype and create new games. It will also allow anyone who owns Zero Gear to create their own game and play with other people online.

We aren't the first to do this, nor will we be the last. We see a lot of potential in kart games that hasn't really been explored yet. We hope to do that exploration through Zero Gear.

By the way, The Behemoth's game Castle Crashers just got released on XBox Live Arcade today. So congrats to them! I personally can't wait to slash, smash, and crash some cute enemies tonight.


Edward Elwood said...

Surely Nimblebit's devblog has been hacked!? My world is turning upside-down!

Not that this is in any way a bad thing, though.

Brian Cronin said...

I hope your world isn't upside down for too long. There is still a race mode after all! :)

ajs15822 said...

"Zero Gear is ... more than a game itself", it is art, it is life, it is all things as one. (~ Zen ~)

I'm excited to hear yall are being a bit more ambitious with the gameplay. No doubt all the game modes are gonna be kick-ass and reinvent gaming as we know it (man, just think-- kart bowling, kart bumper cars, kart road-painting, kart ballet, the list goes on!). I can't wait to see what goes in; hope yall are having fun implementing it all. :D

David Marsh said...

Kart bowling!!! Brilliant!

Gio/Wiidark said...

What's next? A kart war game? Where you have a million karts battling each other.

Brian Cronin said...

Hmm, Zero Gear MMO? I don't see that happening... :)