First big internet test a grand ole party!

Friday, May 23, 2008

We had our first big (8 people) internet test last night. There were a few issues that we were able to fix while the test was going on thanks to a Subversion build deployment system. The biggest issue was the lack of bandwidth on our home internet connections which caused lag.

So we are shopping for a service to host game servers for future tests. Amazon EC2 seems perfect for us. Does anyone have any other suggestions? (We need full access to the server to configure the game server and other services). If you do, post a comment please!

And now for something completely different...

This little guy wants you to join our Steam Zero Gear group.

P.S. If you like music I recommend Grand Ole Party!


Anonymous said...

hi i have sent you a pm on the ogre forums i have a dedicated server in the usa witch i could rent to you... you would get full access to the remote server (desktop) it will have around 1000gb transfer 40 gb hdd so well enuff for what you would want for more info find my pm on ogre forums


Cathy said...

I love Chey's Welcome the SF photo!

Brian Cronin said...

Thanks Mom!
Yep, that's my mom.