New Video! Basic Gameplay tag-test

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In this video we are using a “Tag” type game mode as an intitial test of our gameplay scripting system. Using the experience from this we will design bigger and more exciting gameplay!

In this mode, players compete for the longest amount of time being "IT". The longer you are "IT" the more points you rack up. There is also a 3 second immunity after you have become "IT". For this level, we also made points accumulate faster the closer you are to the middle, to encourage people to duke it out in the middle ring.

The test was a lot of fun, and gave us a lot of ideas and feedback for how we are going to implement more gameplay features in the near future!


Chris Tufnell said...

Nice work zap. The game looks as if it could well be complete :o can't wait to see it when it is.
How are tracks built?

Simon said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I first saw your creation on the ogre site, and have since been enchanted by the art style, and how wel it seems to be put together technically.
I think it's great that you post on both these aspects, please keep it up.

Do you have any idea at what level the game will be priced once finished?

@chris: by chance someone else asked the same question at the thread on the ogre forums,

David answered:
"everything is modeled in Maya."

Brian Cronin said...

We haven't come up with a price yet. We are considering a lot of different options for releasing it...

Gio/Wiidark said...

After seeing a vid of tag mode, it's got me thinking. Why don't you create e a game mode called "hot potato". But instead of it be a potato, it's a bomb and whoever has the bomb only has a few seconds to pass it to whoever is unfortunate enough to get stuck with the bomb. I bet it could be lots of fun. XD

Brian Cronin said...

We are hoping that the game will be open enough to allow people to create new game modes such as "hot potato".

So my question is, why don't YOU create "hot potato"? ;)

darfunkel said...

Wow.. I just wanted to stop by and say that your game looks absolutely stunning.. I can't believe my eyes, I wish you and your team the best of luck in this project in the ones that follow.

kind regards,