a couple menu mock-ups

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I just made a few menu mockups, to start thinking more in depth about what we want to do for them. Here is one for the main menu as well as one for the customize garage. As always, click for the full sized versions!

The idea for the main menu is that the elements fly in from the edges of the screen, and a model of your character / kart on a stand screws into place from the bottom off screen.

The customization menu will be able to handle all your kart and character customization or tuning. The left of the screen is where you will pick which element you are changing, and you can browse through your options on the right side, as well and pull it out further like a drawer with the red arrow to view more options at one time. The bottom of the screen is where your customizable color swatch options will appear for the item you have selected.


Chris Tufnell said...

Looking pretty slick guys.
Think you WILL fill the gap that the new mario kart created in many of our hearts :(

Love the fuel drums as well haha, no idea why i didn't notice that before.

David Marsh said...

thanks! We still have to find someone with a Wii and the new Mario Kart to check it out. We are both unusually Wii-less at the moment!

romulo said...

hey guys, congratulations for your project i simply LOVE this. I looks amazing! A little suggestion would add a liquid like shader for the tint inside the barrels ;)