Zero Gear Trailer 1

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We were asked to provide a video that will be shown along with our entry for the IGF, so here is something I whipped up!


Edward Elwood said...

Looks great, man; people are going to love it. (:

Charlie said...

The game looks great but that trailer is awful. The beginning is headache inducing - I had to physically turn away from the blurred flashing images, please tone down either the blurring or the flashing or both - and the trailer somehow fails to capture the essence of the game. The second half of the trailer is fine but still missing that 'polished video' feel, although the game itself looks very nice.

Brian Cronin said...

I like the contrast between the intro and the rest of the video. Starts off dark and serious and moves into light and fun.

I don't know that I would consider it headache inducing. That seems like a stretch.

Thanks for the comments!