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Monday, November 10, 2008

Steve Streeting, best known as the creator and lead developer of Ogre, posted something on his blog that I thought was interesting: User generated content and centralised control don’t mix.

It reminded me of a similar post we made a while back.

This also reminds me that the latest version of Ogre, 1.6, was just released a few days ago. We have been using it for a while now and I can report it is scrumtralescent (very good).


Edward Elwood said...

I see there is no shortage of Will Ferrell at NimbleBit.

I feel kind of split on this; he seems to rely on the concept of copyright infringement to be the main evil in an open and creative realm. That's the only real thing those 'control centers' want to delete; things that can get them sued.

Is it not possible to create a fantastic work without using copyrighted characters, and perhaps having to resort to Creative Commons music?

Maybe I'm completely misunderstanding this, but it seems that although it is restricting on one sense, it also encourages original works in another.

Hope all is well with NimbleBit!

Brian Cronin said...

That is a good point Edward.

However, by censoring content you are sending a message to the players that some things are just not ok. Most of the time that line of what is ok and what isn't is not well defined. So somebody spends a lot of hours on a piece of content and then is disappointed to find out it was censored for some small reason. That person isn't going to be creating more content.

It is mostly about the atmosphere you are creating by controlling content. If you want people to be creative, don't limit them.

Exauce said...

Hello Brian,

I've finally reached you. Initially, I was looking for the man behind FantasticUI and here I am.

I'm involved in an interesting game project and I'm looking for an alternative to Gfx ScaleForm.

We're currently using HORDE3D and I would like to know :

- if your technology can be easily integrated with this engine

- how much you licence your Flash-based UI tehcno

Thank you for your answer,
Best Regards,

Brian Cronin said...

I am not the author of FantasticUI. Nor do I own any UI tech to license out. Sorry