Chute Shoot!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just popping in real quick to show you a screenshot of a new game mode we are hoping to have working by the first. I don't think it needs a whole lot of explanation!


Julian Spillane said...

Ooh neat. I'm excited to see how this plays.

Brian Cronin said...

I am too :)

I am actually working on it right now! This is the fun part of game development :) (Not that positioning wheels for 4 hours isn't a bucket of fun, don't ask...)

Julian Spillane said...

Haha. You and me both, my friend. We're in insane crunch mode right now, so the entire studio has been working all weekend to get a build out for our milestone deadline tomorrow.

Ben said...

This looks like mad fun! I really like how you're not making a kart racing game, but more a kart platform for whatever kind of game (Lua, right?).

As such, could you potentially "race" on this track or do anything based on what the user defines? How rigid of a term is "game mode" here?

Brian Cronin said...

All of the actual game play is written in the Lua programming language which is embedded in the game.

Things that can be created by the users include:
Game modes
Camera controllers
Game play objects

These can include physical, graphical, audio, etc based objects as well.

All of the parts of the game we use in our game modes (entirely written in Lua) are available to end users.

The game mode just defines logic. So in this case, the game mode would expect some hole triggers to be defined in the map so the players could score. The race mode expects there to be checkpoints and race track nodes. The game mode is free to setup any rules and scoring and entirely handle the logic of the game.

I believe we have a very open game for people to extend.