I like GUI things

Monday, December 17, 2007

I spent the last week immersing myself in css and hacking together some javascript in order to make our GUIs that are rendered in Navi. After learning a little bit and checking out what kind of neat javascript stuff is out there, I put together a tabbed scrolling menu that will allow the user to browse through different models to customize their kart / character.

click on the window above to launch a working popup version of the gui.

The neat thing about using the Gecko engine to render your gui in your game is that if you are using the Firefox browser, you are using the same rendering technology as you are seeing the gui with now. The only difference will be that the things that don't do anything when you click on them in your browser, will be tirggering functions in the game through Lua.


AjS said...

Wow, awesomeness-- I love the cover-flow effect; it's just so intuitive!

Just a heads-up, I notice you're using MooTools 1.2b1: Navi.js is still using MooTools 1.11 and so I can't guarantee compatibility with your script.

I'll try to get Navi.js updated for the upcoming release of Navi 1.5.

David Marsh said...

It works fine in Navi so far. As long as you put the newer javascript in there it shouldn't matter what came bundled with nNavi right? I'm going to have to alter this one a bit though, the way Gecko clears the page when loading new tabs as new pages kind of ruins the effect with visual flickering. This doesn't happen in FF but it does in Navi. The good part is though that the scrolling effect is very smooth when forced to update.

David Marsh said...

aj is the man.