rimlighting test 2

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Here is another test of rimlighting, this time on our spaghetti west track. If you view it on Vimeo, I think you can see it higher resolution.

ZeroGear rimlighting test 2 from marshmonkey on Vimeo.

It works much better on this track. One thing I discovered is that applying this effect requires a lot of tweaking the amount of rimlighting for individual materials. For instance, a lot of shading might look neat on the cacti to make them pop out, but the same amount on the ground would look quite odd. A lot of time could be spent adjusting. I imagine that Nintendo spent a lot of time tweaking the specific amount of rimlighting on all the objects in Super Mario Galaxy. Here is also an image showing the difference with the rimlighting effect on and off.